ISBA responds to publication of the ASA findings from its influencer monitoring exercise

Abi Gibbons

Today (Thursday 18 March) the ASA has published the findings from its proactive monitoring sweep of influencer posts to gauge whether influencers are sticking to the rules, which require that they clearly signpost when their posts are ads.

ISBA have issued the following statement in response:

“At ISBA we have long recognised how important it is for trust and confidence in our industry that brands and influencers make clear when an ad is an ad. The ASA’s disclosure rules are there for all to see - and are mandatory. Non-compliance is clearly unacceptable.

“We are currently working with members on a influencer marketing code of conduct for brands, agencies, and influencers which we intend will raise standards, enable authentic and quality ads, and help deliver the transparency consumers expect and deserve.”

If you are an ISBA member who would like to know more about our work on influencer marketing please email