ISBA statement on The Wall Street Journal’s Facebook Files series

We know that ISBA’s members always care about the environments in which they advertise and Frances Haugen's recent disclosures will undoubtedly cause concern.

Like other platforms, Facebook has been developed for user attention and engagement in a competitive market, in the absence of regulatory constraints. While significant investment is being made in platform safety and policies have evolved over time, it has been crystal clear for a long time that regulation is needed. 

Backed by its members, ISBA has called for independent regulatory oversight for several years. Advertisers continue to push for greater transparency and accountability, and they have demonstrated leadership by working alongside the wider industry in the Global Alliance for Responsible Media. Industry action can help – but it will only achieve so much. ISBA continues to press for the speedy introduction of the Online Safety Bill, still in draft form, which through its imposition of a duty of care has the potential to improve safety systemically, rather than after harm has occurred.