ISBA's response on Ofcom's decision not to remove TV advertising rules for Public Service Broadcasters

We welcome today’s news that Ofcom has decided not to remove the TV advertising rules for Public Service Broadcasters. In our consultation response, we encouraged Ofcom to remain open-minded to making no changes and keeping the rules as they are. Therefore, we support this decision which brings stability, certainty and clarity to the market.

Brand advertisers have told us that their priority for in any TV ad campaign is to reach a broad audience, while limiting excess frequency to avoid bombardment and ineffective spend. Additional minutage within TV schedules would have only provided additional frequency for TV ad campaigns – not the audience reach which advertisers prioritise. There was concern among brand advertisers that audience bombardment would have a negative affect on consumer attitudes toward TV advertising in the long term.

Furthermore, it was clear that there were too many unknown factors and potential consequences which an amendment to COSTA could have brought to the audience experience, competition, and long-term financial sustainability of the TV advertising market.

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