Practical action on Inclusion promoted at new All In 'how to' sessions

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for companies to register for All In’s How-To sessions on workplace inclusion, leading with action on gender equality.

All In, the UK advertising industry’s initiative to build a workplace where everyone feels they belong, is encouraging registrations for new sessions on how to implement the second phase of its action plan, starting with how to improve the experience and representation of women. 

This first session on All In’s Action 4 takes place on March 16 with a stellar line up of speakers: Kate Waters (President for WACL; Director of Client Strategy and Planning, Commercial and Online, ITV plc.), Kate Rowlinson (CEO of MediaCom) and Dara Nasr (Managing Director of Twitter). This session will be packed with insightful and inspirational discussions on how to address gender inequality.

Improving the experience and representation of Women, Asian talent and Older talent is the focus of the second phase of All In Actions, developed by the Advertising Association’s Inclusion Working Group in partnership with industry groups – WACL, MEFA (Media for All), and 40 Over Forty. 

The All In ‘How To’ Event Line-up:  


March 16, 09:00- 09:45am  

All In Census data found that women were six times more likely to be personally discriminated against because of their gender. This session will cover how flexible working can help to address gender inequality and ultimately benefit all genders.  

Book here and for more information on Action 4 see here. 


March 24, 09:00-09:45am 

27% of Asian respondents reported they are likely to leave the industry due to a lack of inclusion and/or discrimination experienced. This session will cover how to begin tackling the experiences of some of our Asian talent within the industry as raised by the All In Census.  

Book here and for more information on Action 5 see here. 


March 30, 09:00-09:45am 

Only 4% of respondents to the All In Census were aged 55-64 compared to 17% of the UK working population. This session will cover the benefits of valuing and retaining older talent and talk through our reverse learning programme which provides a mutually beneficial opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn from each other.  

Book here and for more information on Action 6 see here. 

Register for the events and stay up to date on the speakers’ list here. Speakers for our Asian and Older talent sessions will be announced soon. 

Bobi Carley, Head of Media and Inclusion Lead, ISBA, said: "As we celebrate International Women’s Day, ensuring everyone feels they belong in our industry is our ultimate All In goal. In the UK we are fortunate enough to have many experts who are there to guide and support and drive forward the actions needed to create change. Our next three actions are supporting women, ageism and Asian talent. Thank you to everybody in the industry who is supporting All In and here’s to seeing many All In Champions."

Sharon Lloyd Barnes, Commercial Director and Inclusion Lead, Advertising Association, said: “As we mark International Women’s Day, we are delighted to be kick-starting the second phase of our All In sessions with a brilliant line-up of speakers. Responses to the All In Census showed the need to improve the representation of women and Asian talent, as well as combat ageism in our industry. These sessions are already helping to bring these actions to life and support companies in achieving All In Champion status.”

The events are built from learnings from the All In Census, UK advertising’s first and biggest industry-wide survey created by the Advertising Association, IPA, ISBA and Kantar. Gathering comprehensive data from over 16,000 advertising and marketing professionals, it provided new insights on the representation and experience of the UK advertising’s workforce plus data to benchmark progress from.  

A summary of the All In Census findings, the All In Report and details of the Action Plan to date can be found on the All In Hub, as well as a directory of resources to help employers build an inclusive workplace, which now includes over 100 initiatives for companies to easily access.  

Sessions on how to implement the first three actions covering Black Talent, Disabled Talent and Working Class Talent are available to watch back on YouTube, with the next three actions covering LGBTQ+, Mental Health and Physical Disability to be announced.