Update from ISBA on APA working arrangements proposal

Abi Gibbons
Director of Communications

As you may be aware the Advertisers Producers Association (APA) have been in discussion with their membership about the time made available to clients and the impact on wellbeing.  In their press release they state that changes to working practices will come into effect on 1 November 2021.  The APA press release can be found here: 
ISBA would like to stress to our members that any decision you make within the market, in conjunction with your appointed creative agency, and resulting actions, must be made independently of any other advertiser.

ISBA fully recognises the effects of the pandemic across all facets of society and supports the good intentions of the APA as they seek to improve the wellbeing of their membership. However well-meaning, ISBA does not support the APA initiative and the linking of wellbeing and fees. ISBA has always stressed that it is  the responsibility of each individual advertiser to discuss their approach with the creative agency partner, recognising the above point relating to not entering into discussion with other advertisers.

Should you wish to discuss this further please contact Andrew Lowdon, ISBA’s Director of Agency Services, andrewl@isba.org.uk