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Agency Evaluation - Measuring the "Intangible"

Recent surveys have shown substantial improvements in business confidence.  Marketing budgets are forecast to bounce-back in 2021 after the instability caused by the pandemic. 

Given the impact of COVID-19 and a less predictable bottom line for many companies, finance and procurement teams are keen to ensure best use is made of this significant investment.

Strong client agency relationships help maximise the value of marketing budgets.  How can marketers effectively measure these relationships and demonstrate improvements to stakeholders across the business?   


•    Why should relationships be evaluated?
•    Identifying the best evaluation format
•    Can evaluation improve effectiveness?

This webinar is aimed at marketing professionals and their procurement colleagues.

What will you gain by attending?
Insight into effective measurement of marketing services dependent on interpersonal relationships and how to improve them.

The presenter
Beth Lewis,  Head of Client Services,  Aprais
Beth has been a consulting professional with over 30 years’ experience across advertising, media and marketing. She worked in senior roles at agencies, advertisers and consultancies; purchasing advertising and marketing services, media planning and buying, client relationship management and training.

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