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Broadcast VOD - the changing landscape - Part 2

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Broadcast VOD - the changing landscape - Part 2 - Presentation

The TV landscape continues to change and at a very fast pace. While this is still a nascent and confusing space, it is filled with opportunities. Now is the time to lean-in and experiment.

Some key benefits for Brands that use Advanced TV/CTV as part of their media strategy are:

  • It works alongside linear TV to expand audience reach
  • Tap into data lead TV planning and buying
  • Connect with target audience in more meaningful ways
  • Understand what really works at a granular level

Who is the webinar aimed at?
This webinar is aimed at marketeers who are interested in understanding more about the future of TV and the opportunities, the way the audience behavior is changing, how to manage wastage, finding the right balance and who are the new players.

What will you gain from attending?
In this second session about Advanced TV/CTV, CvE’s experts will go even deeper into Data and Accuracy, Smart Linear Buying, Price Discovery and on how to maintain a highly engaged and enthusiastic audience. The questions asked in the first session will be covered and new ones will be taken as well.

If you couldn’t make it to this webinar’s first session, no worries, just email Elvira Bagge for a link to the recording.