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Cookieless Future: Contextual Solutions with The Winterberry Group

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Cookieless with The Winterberry Group - presentation

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Winterberry Outlook for contextual solutions UK 2021

Google’s stay of execution for third party cookies until the end of 2023 was both expected and unexpected. Expected because it was becoming increasingly clear that replacement systems in this complex ecosystem would not be in place by January 2021, and unexpected because the delay of 2 full years was far longer than most pundits had predicted.

Since Summer 2020, ISBA has been running exclusive Cookieless Futures learning sessions for our members and our 13th session will be with the Winterberry Group.

The role of context post-cookies

The Winterberry Group’s International MD, and Data Commissioner, Charles Ping, has so far shared his expertise and insight with ISBA members across the Global state of Universal ID and detailed the possibilities of co-operative 1st party data relationships across the advertising ecology. He will be talking about Context and Winterberry’s latest report.