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Cookieless Future Session: Part 8

Third-party cookies are being demised. This is impacting the entire digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, affecting audience targeting, tracking, measurement and attribution. Meanwhile, multiple vendors, consultants and industry experts are exploring, assessing and developing alternative technologies and approaches to targeting and measuring ad distribution and effectiveness. These include alternative ID systems, decentralised data systems, and new collaborative technologies and techniques and combinations

Since Summer 2020, ISBA has been running exclusive Cookieless Futures learning sessions for our members and for the 8th in this series we have invited ID5 to come and talk about and answer your questions about universal identity. 

Universal Identity: reaching consumers in a cookie-less world

ID5 will present an overview of ID5 which enables targeting, frequency capping and attribution for digital advertising campaigns in browsers where cookies are blocked. 

Scott Menzer, VP of Product and Operations, ID5
Scott joined ID5 in April 2018 and is the VP of Product and Operations. He works closely with customers to understand their challenges with identity, then designs product and services solutions that will benefit platforms, publishers, and consumers.

Prior to ID5, Scott spent almost 8 years at AppNexus where he led Services and Product Teams. While at AppNexus, he led the team that built Prebid.js, managed the technical and product deliverables for AppNexus' most strategic client, and ran several product capabilities.