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Cookieless Future Session: Part 9

Third-party cookies are being demised. This is impacting the entire digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, affecting audience targeting, tracking, measurement and attribution. Meanwhile, multiple vendors, consultants and industry experts are exploring, assessing and developing alternative technologies and approaches to targeting and measuring ad distribution and effectiveness. These include alternative ID systems, decentralised data systems, and new collaborative technologies and techniques and combinations

Since Summer 2020, ISBA has been running exclusive Cookieless Futures learning sessions for our members and In our ninth session exploring the demise of the third party cookie, Claire Norburn, Ads Privacy Lead (UKI) for Google will present its privacy vision and strategy, followed by an open Q&A session.


Claire Norburn, UKI Ads Privacy Lead
Working at Google since 2014, Claire has been helping publishers, advertisers and agencies to collaborate and successfully adapt to a Privacy-first world where user trust, transparency and choice is paramount.   Previously managing the relationships across some of Google's largest News and Commerce partners.  Helping to support and drive partners' digital advertising strategies and revenues by using the full range of Google Publisher platforms and solutions.

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