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Cookieless Futures Session: Part 7

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A presentation by Quantcast on Measurement & Addressability

What does a third-party cookieless marketing ecosystem look like? 

Third-party cookies are being demised. This is impacting the entire digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, affecting audience targeting, tracking and measurement. Meanwhile, multiple vendors, consultants and industry experts are exploring, assessing and developing alternative technologies and approaches to targeting and measuring ad distribution and effectiveness. These include alternative ID systems, decentralised data systems, and new collaborative technologies and techniques and combinations

Since Summer 2020, ISBA has been running exclusive  Cookieless Futures learning sessions for our members and for the 7th in this series we have invited Quantcast to come and talk about and answer your questions on its new platform, Permisio:

The Future of Advertising on the Open Internet in the Post Cookie Era
With the deprecation of third-party cookies, the open internet will lose its current basis for delivering relevant advertising at scale, and for campaign measurement and attribution; advertisers and publishers alike have been relying on cookies as a unique identifier to be able to assess performance and optimise their digital operations. So what will the future of advertising on the open internet look like? Will we be able to continue to deliver the high levels of programmatic performance we have grown used to? How will success be measured? And what actions do advertisers need to take now to ensure they are ready for the change ahead? Quantcast will be exploring what factors will need to be considered by advertisers and why identity solutions, consumer privacy, and first-party data will need to be at the heart of your contingency plans.

Alex Mills, Client Partnerships Director, Quantcast
Alex Mills is Quantcast’s Client Partnership Director and is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing advertisers. He has worked at Quantcast for the past 7 years, honing his programmatic knowledge and working with some of the UK’s biggest brands to help them deliver their business outcomes. He spent the previous 10 years working in media roles at The Guardian, TI Media and Haymarket developing strategic client relationships. In his spare time Alex enjoys being kept busy by his twin girls and getting out on the golf course.
Allan Tinkler, Privacy and Identity Lead for EMEA, Quantcast
Allan Tinkler heads up the EMEA Identity and Privacy platform team at Quantcast and has been helping many of the leading European and US website owners navigate the complex GDPR space for over 3 years and more recently the evolving Identity market. Allan has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years, including roles at market leaders such as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Elle and CNET. This first-hand experience of publisher challenges and opportunities has proven to be invaluable during these changing times in the digital marketing ecosystem.