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Cookieless session with Silverbullet: Embracing Contextual Solutions

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Cookieless session with Silverbullet - presentation

Cookieless session with Silverbullet: Embracing Contextual Solutions

The adtech landscape is witnessing seismic change. With huge, global shifts in consumer behaviours - only accelerated by COVID-19 - combined with government regulations triggering the looming deprecation of the third-party cookie, businesses are left seeking new was to transform their data and digital strategies.

Yet, many brands are left asking “how can I flourish in a privacy-first, post-cookie future?

In our next Cookieless session in the series, Ian James, Co-founder and CEO at Silverbullet, and Kristen Kelly, COO and CCO at Silverbullet, discuss a practical approach to embracing contextual solutions, data technology and first-party data utilisation across the marketing funnel.


Ian James, Co-founder and CEO, Silverbullet

Ian has led multiple global companies in Data Technology, Media, and Consumer Goods. Prior to founding Silverbullet Group, Ian was International CEO of Acxiom, recently acquired by IPG for $2.2bn. Prior to Acxiom, Ian was Chief Digital Officer of SMG part of Publicis Groupe. Ian has over 20 years of experience running scaled multi-market companies including significant M&A activities, before founding Silverbullet with Umberto Torrielli.

Kristen Kelly, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Client Officer, Silverbullet

Kristen has 17 years’ experience in data-driven marketing, delivering operational expertise to deliver ROI and business impact on behalf of clients. In her previous roles, she has led significant global digital transformation programs, scaling new products and services across international regions.

Silverbullet Group is a data and digital transformation company that delivers future-proofed services and products for a privacy-first, post-cookie era.