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Demystifying TV & brand data partnerships

This workshop, hosted by InfoSum and ITV, aims to educate members on the data clean room process and provide practical guidance on moving forward.

As data partnerships between brands and media owners become more commonplace, data clean rooms are becoming an integral part of the marketing ecosystem allowing new use cases such as incorporating 1PD in media tactics on broadcast VOD. However, a recent survey of ISBA members found that only 35% were actively using a data clean room. Feedback is that implementing and integrating data clean rooms into their marketing tech stack can be a daunting task. 

What you can expect to takeaway from the session:

  1. How to overcome common challenges when starting a data clean room journey or moving to more advanced use cases
  2. Building the use case: an update on ITVs BVOD audience data proposition for brands
  3. How data clean rooms can help with media measurement
  4. Brand success stories

Who is it aimed at?  This session is aimed at media professionals who want to learn more about data partnerships and data clean rooms. 

This session is for brand/advertisers only.

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