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The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to command attention – from brands, who want authentic voices to advertise their products and to reach the right audiences; from regulators, who issue strongly-worded reminders that disclosure rules must be adhered to; and from the press, who have highlighted misleading beauty filters … and the challenges and exploitation sometimes faced by influencers themselves.

This panel discussion will explore the current issues around influencer marketing, and where the phenomenon goes next. We will bring together different perspectives on the brand/agency/influencer relationship; explore the responsibilities for health and wellbeing which brands and agencies hold towards talent; and consider the obligations which influencers themselves should have when it comes to a constructive and meaningful relationship with a brand.

ISBA members are currently co-designing a Code of Conduct for influencer marketing. This event will discuss existing rules and standards, but it will also look beyond this at the social and economic challenges which brands and influencers face.

This event will be useful for digital marketers, social media managers, and those involved in their brand’s corporate social responsibility and influencers programmes.

Joanne Loughrey, Associate General Counsel – Luxury Division,  L’Oréal

Scott Guthrie, freelance influencer marketing consultant
Charlotte Williams, Founder, Sevensix Agency
Helena Osborne, Senior Product Manager, L'Oreal