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The Future of Brands

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ISBA has formed a partnership with Adwanted Events and there is a 25% discount  for this event. 

The Future of Brands is for that ‘Aha!” moment. That lightbulb moment. The realisation. The big discovery. The quick wins, too. When you step away from your desk, and it hits you – that’s it!  

This session will cover everything you need to know in 2024 that you’ve probably missed; media, creativity, data, technology, and what makes consumers tick.  

The Future of Brands is focused on delivering returns through inspiring work, so expect fast-paced keynotes, questions dug out of fishbowls, and interactive masterclasses over lunch. Interviews, roundtables, quiz shows and debates where speakers have to take a side. 

Further information can be found here.

You can register here  with the 25% discount using the code PARTNER_ISBA25 at checkout.



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