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How to set up your first-party data strategy

Next up in ISBA’s Privacy-centric Marketing Planning series is Kepler’s first party data strategy guidance to help you put your privacy-centric marketing strategy in place.

Packed with practical guidance and advice, Kepler’s presentation from Jonathan D'Souza-Rauto, Biddable Product Lead and Aliya Rafiq Vaz, Associate Director, Analytics & Consultancy will cover first-party data acquisition and management, data activation, and approaches to measurement as the demise of the third-party cookie draws closer.

This session is designed as a highly practical guide to help you construct your strategy, and it will support your steps to building out your plans if your framework is already in place. In short it will help you:

  • Build your first-party data collection and management strategy
  • Understand how to build, scale and manage audiences through your data activation strategy
  • Develop your measurement strategy

Make sure you and your team members are booked in and don’t forget that this will provide valuable guidance and insight for all teams in your organisation involved with establishing the right operating structures for data deployment throughout the marketing mix.


Jonathan D'Souza-Rauto Biddable Product Lead, Kepler 
Since joining digital media agency Infectious Media 10 years ago, Jonathan has gained extensive experience in digital marketing working across all digital channels. He has in-depth knowledge of most platforms, from DSPs & adservers to tag management systems. 

After Infectious Media's merger with Kepler at the end of 2020, Jonathan became a key member of the Kepler Marketing Systems Strategy team, where he navigates the technical intricacies of digital media to achieve advertisers' business objectives through custom solutions. 

Aliya Rafiq Vaz, Associate Director, Consultancy & Analytics, Kepler
Aliya has spent ten years in digital agencies and adtech businesses in Europe and the US. She started in trading and optimisation and now plays a central role in Kepler’s EMEA consultancy team. Aliya helps clients meet the challenges in the current marketing landscape whilst overcoming the complexity of in-housing media operations. She supports businesses through their digital transformation by showing them how to evolve and future proof their digital marketing. 

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