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Inclusivity & Language in Advertising - A Freeda Masterclass

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Inclusivity & Language in advertising - a Freeda masterclass - presentation

How can brands communicate and be inclusive through language that is relevant and representative?

In this Freeda Masterclass, our favourite talent will speak alongside our expert team at Freeda, to share their valuable and measurable insights into how to be the best ally when it comes to communicating inclusively.

This session will cover:

●    Freeda's India Reed, Content Lead, discusses her experience creating content for the Freeda community
●    Personal anecdotes and stories as well as a Q&A session
●    Tangible learnings to take away

Who is this session aimed at?

Industry leaders and marketing teams who want to understand how to communicate more inclusively, especially to the Gen Z and millennial audiences but broader too.

What will you gain by attending?

We want to open-up the conversation around proper use of pronouns, inclusive language, sexuality, colourism, and gender constructs to show it’s okay to get it wrong and educate on how you can get it right next time.


Catherine Becker, CEO Freeda Media UK

Catherine Becker is CEO of Freeda, with a mission to spread real women’s stories to inspire positive change and impact society at large.  Catherine also is part of WACL delivering gender equality in business and has been an award-winning media practitioner and leader at agencies, clients or media owners throughout her career.