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Origin: Cross Media Measurement - What advertisers need to know now

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Origin: Cross Media Measurement - What advertisers need to know - presentation

Origin is ISBA’s advertiser backed programme, designed to create a blueprint for cross media measurement. It is part of a global initiative to capture the value of advertising in a constantly changing consumer environment.

Origin has come a long way since it was announced as ISBA’s ‘big hairy audacious goal’ in November 2019. No-one is in any doubt as to the scale of the challenge. Over the last 18 months a team at ISBA, backed by the WFA, has been working with advertisers, media owners and agencies to develop a common approach to cross media measurement, conducting major external research and developing designs for global infrastructure that will underpin a solution being pioneered in the UK. 

In this session you will hear:
•    Who’s behind the work and how they are working together 
•    An update on measurement approach and progress towards an initial demonstration of an end to end solution
•    Initial thinking on how Origin will be funded and its place in the future advertiser landscape

Richard Halton is leading the work for ISBA and will be leading what we hope is an informative and thought provoking session.

If you would like to know more about Origin, please visit the Origin website here.