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Quantum Marketing: Mastering the new marketing minds for tomorrow's consumers

An exclusive thought leadership event with Raja Rajamannar,  Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard.

A copy of the book can be purchased here or at other major book stores.

Marketing today stands at the brink of unprecedented disruption. An explosion of new technologies, data and cultural shifts will render traditional marketing frameworks and strategies ineffective, and turn the function upside-down. Facing an existential crisis, the industry has already seen massive fragmentation, with many CMO roles eliminated. Marketing must now be completely reimagined and reinvented for the immediate future. 
At this one-time event Raja will be sharing insights from his book Quantum Marketing, into a new approach to re-establish marketing’s relevance and impact, enabling it to drive brand equity, business growth and a competitive edge.
Unpacking emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR, IoT and Blockchains, Raja will explain how they would impact marketing, revealing how areas like Behavioural Economics and Neuromarketing can significantly drive marketing effectiveness. 
This session is a must-attend for any senior marketer looking for inspiration into the future of marketing and ways to future-proof their brand.
About our speaker:
Raja Rajamannar is a globally recognised marketer, innovative thinker, transformational business leader, and brand builder. Starting as a marketing trainee, he worked his way up through diverse companies, industries, and geographies to become the global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard, which he has built into an iconic brand that is now rated amongst the top ten global brands.