101: Delivering accountability in media 2024

2024 brings an updated 101 Knowledge Session programme available for all ISBA members. This sessions - curated in partnership with Pete Davis, MD of Getmemedia.com, Lucy Medd & Marie Peters from MediaSense, as well as Financial Progression's Adrian Jenkins will delve into how regular performance and compliance audits help contribute to a cycle of feedback and learning to improve your relationships.

What you will learn:

  • Media performance and contract compliance audits will help you get the best out of your agencies
  • As well as validating price and quality metrics, a performance audit provides insights and recommendations for campaign management and optimisation
  • A compliance audit will tell you whether or not you’ve been charged correctly and make recommendations to improve processes and controls
  • The foundation for any successful audit of an agency is a good contract – use ISBA’s Media Services Framework 
  • Regular performance and compliance audits will contribute to a cycle of feedback and learning to continually improve your agency relationships