101: Magazines & news brands 2024

This fascinating 101 knowledge session provides members the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest trends and fundamentals of advertising with magazines and news brands. This media route has transitioned from decades as a print product  to thrive online evolving their audiences and their offering as they go.

Pete Davis, the MD of getmemedia.com with   Niki West, Client Services and Strategy Director and Mel Leslie, Agency & Client Relations Director both from Newsworks delivered the session on Newsbrands.

Pete Davis and Amanda Wiggington from Magnetic delivered the Magazines session.

In this session we will be covering:

  • What are the key principles of magazines and news brands.
  • What is the role and relevance of magazines and news brands in today's world?
  • What objectives do  magazines and news brands deliver against. 
  • How to plan the best campaigns with great effectiveness. 
  • How to measure the performance and success.
  • 5 key takeouts.