The AdGreen Levy - A Guide

AdGreen exists to unite the advertising industry to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of production, enabling the community to measure and understand waste and carbon impacts, empowering them to act for zero waste / zero carbon. Provided free at the point of use, the project comprises of training, online resources, renewable energy and offsetting schemes, and coming later in 2021, a carbon calculator followed by certification.

To ensure AdGreen can continue to provide resources, tools and training to support the advertising production community’s transition to net zero with no barrier to use, sufficient income needs to be generated. The AdGreen Levy was introduced after discussion with AdGreen’s advisory board and consultation with a cross industry working group. It is operated under the guidance of trade associations concerned with the production of advertising. The AdGreen Levy is discretionary and is to be paid by advertisers on relevant items via their UK based principal production partners.

Find out more in the guide below. 

The AdGreen Levy Guide - May 2021

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