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For marketers, the need to be prepared for tomorrow’s communications landscape is a very real challenge and paramount to realising their businesses’ strategic and commercial vision.

Recently, ISBA has had many conversations with CMO’s seeking advice on marketing transformation, and in particular new modes of operating to ensure digital was at the heart of activities. We have a unique insight into how many ISBA member companies are tackling these complex organisational issues and are happy to share the insights we have gleaned with any CMO starting to consider the changes they need to make. We have also collected a host of useful external reports and documents on this subject to aid member knowledge.

ISBA has also undertaken a number of research projects to understand how our members are preparing and what actions they are taking to get fit for the future.

Media2020: Refresh

Media2020: Refresh features insights from ISBA members, including over 260 senior marketers and media decision makers, outlining the steps they are taking to organise themselves to meet the rapidly evolving media ecosystem. As one of the most comprehensive surveys on marketing change management to date, the research builds on trends identified in a similar study conducted in 2015.

Key Insights 
  • Brands are taking more control: customer data is empowering marketing to drive growth
  • Brands are building marketing teams around their data capability and seeing the benefits
  • Brands expect transparency to be fixed, but brand safety is causing sleepless nights
  • The measurement industry is failing brands on multiple fronts
  • Brands are falling out of love with technology

The full report is available in the documents tab.

The ISBA In-House Agency Survey
ISBA recently launched the results of the first ever UK study on advertisers' use of in-house and on-site agencies.

Conducted in association with on-site specialist OLIVER and independent market research consultancy Future Thinking, the research has highlighted a number of key trends and learning’s for brands and provides essential benchmarks for any organisation looking at developing in-house capabilities:
  • Nearly two thirds (67%) of advertisers are shifting towards stronger relationships with fewer suppliers
  • Just under half of brands now have, or are considering an on-site (45%) or in-house (44%) agency capability
  • Data led content marketing, and on and offline BTL activities are driving development of in-house agency activities
  • Very few in-house models are handling media activities
  • The key advantages of selecting an on-site agency include the desire for improved cost efficiencies (68%), collaboration (64%) and operational control (54%)

In addition, the main reason for external agencies losing ground seems to be concerns over lack of speed, with 68% of marketers expressing their frustrations over turn-around times and decision making. Although the vast majority of brands are still outsourcing their ATL strategic and creative activities and media services to external agencies.

Agility is increasingly a big issue for ISBA members, especially in relation to digital activities, so it is no surprise that we are seeing a rise in these types of activities being handled in-house and particularly by on-site agencies.

The full study, which provides further insights on the advantages and challenges of in-house / on-site agencies, is now available via the documents tab.

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