Better Representation of a Nation? Progress on inclusion in advertising

Last year, in partnership with Flock, ISBA launched Representation of a Nation as a guide to how to start the journey towards diversity, equity and inclusion. A year on and part two of the guide Evolution of Representation outlines a three point plan designed to measure authentic representation and inclusion which was presented an ISBA webinar (view below).

Alongside this, Direct Line gave a presentation on the fourth wave of results from their Representation in advertising bi-annual tracker (asking the questions, “Do TV adverts reflect modern society” and “Do TV adverts do a good job of representing all groups within British society”) where the initial results suggest that the number of people feeling represented in ads has gone up.

However, when delving further into the nuance of the results, the number of white people feeling represented in ads has gone down whilst the number of people of colour feeling represented has gone up – this poses an interesting question and challenge as to how environment and location, as well as age and other factors affect how people feel towards what they see in ads.