Briefing for Effectiveness: A Simple Best Practice Guide

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As a partner to ISBA, Ebiquity were briefed on a challenge that had been flagged by the Insight & Effectiveness group.

The group outlined some consistent themes and challenges around the briefing process, the main issue being that insight and effectiveness teams would regularly not be pulled into the briefing process until too late in the day, often when the brief was already finalised.

The ask from the group was for support in creating a simple framework and process that will help drive Effectiveness and Measurement into the heart of briefing.  As measurement and effectiveness is constantly a top priority for brands, it was felt imperative that the group took action to resolve and enhance the briefing process. 

Ebiquity worked with the group to firstly understand the key themes and challenges and then co-create a set of frameworks and processes that can be deployed within their businesses.

This document summarises those outputs and will be essential reading for any advertisers serious about measuring the effectiveness of their advertising expenditure. 


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Briefing for Effectiveness: A Simple Best Practice Guide