Digital Governance Forum - March 2024

Digital Data Governance for the Future: Are you ready and do you know what you need to do?

A first for ISBA’s new Digital Governance Forum – these quarterly meetings will tackle issues of importance to operational marketers as well as data protection, legal, and governance practitioners.

The first meeting covered the pitfalls and risks of dealing with post-cookie tech and identity products and your teams. For this meeting we were joined by: 

Radha Gohil, Data Governance & Privacy Lead, Shell at Chair 

Katie Eyton, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Omnicom

Katie recapped the ICO’s expectations of online advertising, and the impact of recent regulatory decisions on the legal basis for, and transparency of, post-cookie tech and identity products. She will also talking through why consent is likely to be required for first-party data use cases, and what regulators are expecting that consent to look like; and at data sharing within the industry, and the challenges this presents for future compliance.

Jamie Barnard, CEO, Compliant

Jamie gave us insight on Compliant’s latest research, how he sees companies responding to the coming consented environment, and how companies can optimise resources and their supply chains. Jamie shared what brands should expect from their supply chain partners, and how this can translate into a more trusted media environment for all, including customers.

Catherine Dunkerley, Ethics Partner, PwC

Catherine took us through the wider governance agenda, including how organisations can embrace good data governance across their marketing operations.

Lina Angelides, Managing Partner for Programmatic, OMD - Operationalising Privacy

Lina showed us how OMD has been operationalising privacy within agency teams, putting compliance and ethics at the forefront of operational thinking.