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Over the last couple of years we have had a lot of brands asking advice about In-housing. As a result we started the Future Operating Models Working Group, we have 37 brands in the group who are in all different stages of their journey. The group is chaired by Matt Pollington, Head of Digital at Sky TV.

But what does in-housing even mean? For most businesses it will not mean taking complete control of everything. It will very likely mean creating a blend of in-house and outsourced partnerships – essentially a hybrid model. As no two businesses are the same, neither are two in-housing strategies the same, there is no one-size-fits all solution. Each approach will be tailored to fit the business type, sector category and a company’s culture and specific market needs.

According to Digiday Research, programmatic media buying is the leading element that brands are choosing to bring in-house with 37% of marketers saying they anticipated bringing this function in-house in 2019, compared to 35% who anticipated bringing in creative, and just 17% traditional media buying.  A number of brands in sectors such as travel, retail and gambling have in-housed search engine marketing for many years, but the statistics around this are not easily available.

When thinking about your Future Operating Model here are some key questions brands need to consider:

  1. What does my business need from an in-house model?
  2. How does my current set-up help or hinder the delivery of this?
  3. Where is the gap between what I need and what I can deliver currently?
  4. How do we need to change internally?
  5. Which technologies do we need to contract with?
  6. What data do we need to connect and how?
  7. What talent do we need and where will it come from?
  8. Which partners can help with the implementation of the model?

ISBA has been working in partnership with a number of companies to support brands through their journey, through workshops, guidance, 1:1 consultations etc. You will find documents from our partners Control vs Exposed, LEAD and Infectious Media in the Documents tab above.

If you would like an introduction to any of the our In-housing partners, please contact


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