GARM and ISBA – How do they work together?

ISBA has long been a leading voice in the UK industry on the issue of brand safety. In the last five years advertisers' focus has shifted from the control of advertising adjacency to encompass the bigger question of advertising and social responsibility.

Many platform initiatives to address online harms, such as regular transparency reporting and monetisation thresholds and controls, were called for by ISBA and its members. We continue to hold platforms to account through our forums and round tables and have provided best practice advice and guidance to help members avoid brand safety pitfalls.

However, the issue of the many different and evolving forms of harmful content is a global problem, not just a UK one.

The creation of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) led by the World Federation of Advertisers, binds all stakeholders together with clear intent. As a key member of the steering group ISBA has provided expertise and perspectives from the work we have done in the UK to contribute to the priorities of GARM. At the same time, being part of GARM means ISBA can learn from global experience and play a part in solutions. In turn, we aim better to educate our members to make more informed media choices for their brands.