The Inclusive Production Toolkit - Unilever

A Guide for Authentic Inclusion Behind the Camera

Our members Unilever have open sourced a valuable Tool Kit on Inclusive production, focused on the Disabled Community.

It provides advertising companies and agencies useful best practices and principles to provide support to persons with disabilities behind the camera and make the necessary adjustments required on set. 

People living with disabilities are some of the most creative people out there, because they are navigating a world that is not designed to serve their needs, yet they continue to innovate, disrupt stereotypical narratives, find creative solutions and thrive. Advertising has a tremendous opportunity to tap into this creative mindset and view of the world, not only to shake up the creation of advertising – both on screen and behind the camera – but to foster deeper connections with all people’s lived experiences, at all stages of life. 

The Inclusive Production Toolkit - Unilever

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