ISBA & Direct Line Group - Diversity and Inclusion quarterly tracking - August 2020

Earlier this year our Diversity and Inclusion Working Group commissioned a research study to track diversity and inclusion in advertising, carried out by Opinium and funded by the Direct Line Group. The aim was to be able to understand whether the public think that advertising is representative of society.

There have been two waves of the research carried out to date which pose two critical questions: 

  1. How far did they agree with the statement that it is important for different groups in society to be well-represented in advertising 
  2. Did they agree that TV adverts reflect modern British society? 


  • 68% said that diversity in ads was important
  • But just 42% agreed that TV ads demonstrated that diversity
  • Only 36% of respondents agreed that TV adverts reflect modern British society, down from 42% in March 2020

See the first wave of research here

ISBA and Direct Line - Diversity and Inclusion research - August 2020

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