ISBA & IMTB Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct - Version 3

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ISBA and the Influencer Marketing Trade Body (IMTB) are announcing the latest names signing up to the Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct – and are relaunching the Code as a joint venture between the two trade bodies.

The Code, first launched in September 2021, continues to be a guide to best practice in influencer marketing for brands, agencies, and talent – delivering transparency for consumers, enabling authentic and effective influencer marketing, and promoting collaboration and better industry partnerships.

It was updated in May 2022 to include commitments, particularly for brands, around diversity, equity and inclusion – including regular auditing of the pool of influencers being worked with to ensure better representation.

Now the Code is being boosted by the announcement that ISBA and the IMTB will both promote the document and press for its wider adoption.

The updated Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct document is available below.

  • ISBA’s suite of template contracts for influencer marketing can be found here
  • You can read more in our latest press release (June 2023).
  • You can view the full list of signatories here

If you are interested in becoming a signatory to the Code of Conduct or would like more information on ISBA’s Influencer Marketing Working Group, please contact Rosina Busumbru at

ISBA & IMTB Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct - June 2023