Keeping track of Google’s Privacy Sandbox

Stay-up-to date with Google’s Privacy Sandbox proposals, developments and timelines.

Google resources: Summer 2021 updates

Check these developer articles which have been updated during the summer months

•    Digging into the Privacy Sandbox
•    Getting started with Trust Tokens
•    SameSite cookies explained
•    FLoC explained
•    A more private way to measure ad conversions, the Event Conversion Measurement API
•    The Privacy Sandbox video playlist 

The resources are made up of a series of succinct articles and videos, which you can find via this link -

At the end of July 2021, Google published its Privacy Sandbox Timeline. The detailed timeline is intended to provide greater clarity regarding the status of various Privacy Sandbox proposals, together with estimated testing timeframes to help you plan ahead. This timeline will be updated monthly.

There is also a regular Privacy Sandbox update, which Google publishes, to ensure that all parts of the industry are kept fully informed of developments and proposal progress.

You can also visit the Privacy Sandbox website for detailed background and additional resources and articles.