A Marketer’s Guide to Measurement and Data Triangulation

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Ekimetrics in collaboration with ISBA's Insight & Effectiveness Steering Group have created a guide to provide marketers with an easy to understand yet detailed toolset for econometrics modelling with the aim of helping marketing effectiveness leaders to work more effectively within their organisations. 

In it you will find exploration of key measurement methods, what they’re used for and how insight and effectiveness teams use various data and techniques to build the effectiveness narratives.

In preparation for a post cookie world next year, advertisers are hard at work building new tools to ensure that methods of measurement to inform channel investment will stand up to maximum scrutiny as the ability to capture and store granular data sets becomes harder. It has become clear that there is no ‘one-size-fits all’ solution to measuring effectiveness in todays modern marketing mix so knowledge sharing with partners and peers is a key way to stay ahead.

That is why we’re so excited to release this paper as an exclusive resource for ISBA members that is quite unique in how it was put together. The first version was presented to our Insight & Effectiveness Steering Group back in July and it has since been revised multiple times as a ‘living document’ based on feedback from multiple different Measurement specialists working at our various member brands.

The infographic was further updated in May 2024 into a digital interactive version. This can be found at https://measurementexplained.ekimetrics.com/

Member-only document

A Marketers Guide to Major Measurement Methods and Triangulation