Media Leaders Steering Group September 2023


In September's meeting we were joined by the Media Leaders' finance colleagues. 

Brands discuss regularly their internal challenges, often with their finance team, and it regularly comes up in this group. Earlier in the year we discussed that there is a lot of material produced for Marketers e.g., ‘how to talk the language of the CMO’ but not a lot of communication directly to Finance. We also concluded that it can be much more effective with someone else communicating a message. 

With thanks to Rachel Moss, we started a conversation with Camelot’s Co-Chief Executive, Clare Swindell who talked about what they as a marketing/media community need to do to engage their boardroom stakeholders in marketing investment. How can finance be persuaded to take a risk ? How do you tell a story without ROI? How to have smart conversations? Also joining us was Sam Tomlinson, Partner at PwC. Building the case for marketing investment - how do you do it? what works?