Sustainability Forum meeting - November 2023

At this meeting of the Sustainability Forum we were joined by PwC, presenting their work on framework for the monitoring of advertising-driven carbon consumption.  

This work was commissioned by ISBA and the Advertising Association as part of Ad Net Zero’s Action 5 on harnessing advertising’s power to support consumer behaviour change.  

The advertising industry is striving to achieve net zero emissions in its own operations and value chains by 2050, and everyone has a role to play to support the transition to a low carbon economy. In practice, attributing emissions resulting from downstream impacts of advertising campaigns is challenging. Measurement itself has limited value if it does not help drive meaningful, positive change. PwC’s work seeks to contribute to the debate around advertising-driven carbon consumption in three ways: 

  1. Define the role of the advertising industry in influencing behaviour change. 
  2. Provide a view on how the industry would capture the influence of advertising on behaviour change in an ideal world. 
  3. Propose a monitoring and decision-making framework to help advertising companies (both brands and agencies) monitor the carbon intensity of their portfolios in a credible way.