Truth through triangulation - Measurement for a cookieless future

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The clock is ticking. Over the next twelve to eighteen months, we’re going to see the biggest shakedown in digital marketing since GDPR.

We’ve been talking about the demise of third-party cookies since before the ‘lost years’ of the global pandemic. But after years of incremental change and delays, are brands ready to finally jump off the cookie cliff?

In the next installment of the Navigating Digital Media Series, Kepler says that regardless of where they are on their journey to the cookieless future, every brand should be thinking of this time as a period of experimentation. 

Whatever their size or situation, all brands will need a layered approach to investment measurement, knitting together a tapestry of solutions that can work together to create a relatively accurate picture of success.

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Truth through triangulation. Measurement for a cookieless future

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