Enders Analysis launch report commissioned by ISBA - TV advertising: Evolving the model

Today, 29 April 2021 Enders Analysis have launched their report on the broadcast trading landscape TV advertising: Evolving the model.

The report was commissioned by ISBA following a mandate from our Council to play a proactive role in shaping a vibrant and sustainable media landscape post COVID-19 in the interest of advertisers. 

ISBA assembled a Broadcast Task Force, comprising senior members with strong media experience, focused both on short term broadcaster flexibility and longer-term evolution of trading models. 

Advertisers have long harnessed the power of television to build their brands and drive immediate sales. TV is a highly effective medium for this due to its unrivalled mass reach, immersive programming environment, and long-form advertising formats. However, younger TV audiences are declining and reaching these cohorts has become increasingly expensive for advertisers. 

The report considers:

• The strengths and weaknesses of the current TV advertising ecosystem from the perspective of broadcasters, advertisers and agencies

• What is likely to happen to video viewing and advertising revenues, if the current trajectory is followed

• What changes need to happen to improve the health of the TV advertising market

The report is now available for ISBA members here, or below.

TV advertising: Evolving the model

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