ISBA and Ebiquity announce the launch of a new Advanced TV guide - the questions to ask.

How we watch TV is changing. How ads are served on TV is changing. How consumers are targeted on TV is changing. TV has grown up to become Advanced TV.

ISBA collaborated with our partner Ebiquity on a new guide to provide marketers with a set of simple, practical questions to ask agency partners about advanced TV. The guide, available here, enables brands to challenge agencies knowledgeably on new technologies and the diverse and innovative ways to buy TV advertising.

TV remains the biggest single medium for many brands in which they invest, delivering the best ROI. The attraction and potential of advanced TV - in theory at least - is that it enables advertisers to combine the impact of broadcast TV with the addressability of programmatic digital media buying. For some, TV reached the point of diminishing  returns, and only advanced  TV has the potential to  deliver incremental reach at scale, and Ebiquity's reports TV at the Tipping Point (2019) and Mind the Gap (2020) show exactly how.

Nick Waters, Chief Executive Officer, Ebiquity, said:

"The era of advanced TV advertising has begun. As the new technology develops, greater complexities arise. To navigate these complexities, it's vital that advertisers invest in advanced TV with their eyes wide open and by asking the right questions. We are delighted to have been able to share some key tips and tools in this new ISBA guide."

Digital media now accounts for more than half of all media space traded. With the line between TV and digital blurring, TV and advanced TV today represent the bulk of most brands' media investment.

Bobi Carley, Head of Media, ISBA said:

"Following the launch of ISBA's Advanced TV guide, Part 2, we wanted to ensure our members had guidance on how to navigate this emerging TV world. Brands need to be able to test and learn but with an understanding of why and how. The purpose of this guide, developed by our partners Ebiquity, is to provide marketeers with a toolkit, a set of simple, practical questions to help guide their agency conversations."

Maya Arber, Director of UK Consultancy (Tech Advisory), said:

"We have been working closely with our clients over time to help them deliver optimum results from their new investments in advanced TV. Many are still experimenting, and we are often consulted to help them decipher  the  approach, results, and  what they could have done better. Learning from these projects, we realised some fundamental questions brands needed to start asking their agencies to ensure the success of their investment. We have shared these in this new guide for !SBA members and other advertisers."


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