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101: Effectiveness: Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM)

2024 brings an updated 101 Knowledge Session programme available for all ISBA members. The sessions - curated in partnership with Pete Davis, MD of Getmemedia.com - deliver valuable insights and learnings from industry experts and address the whole media landscape and communications process. 

Pete will be joined by  Olivia Zirpin and Tim Fisher from MediaMonks. Unlock business success with Marketing Mix Modelling! Harness data-driven insights to optimise your product pricing, distribution, promotion, and advertising strategies.  Find out how to maximise ROI by understanding the impact of each element on sales or other business objectives.  Elevate your marketing game, boost profitability and attend this great session.

What you will learn: 

  • Role & relevance of Marketing Mix Modelling and how does it work?
  • How to measure the memory effect of advertising
  • How to measure performance and diminishing returns from your econometric models
  • How to apply the results of your MMM campaigns in the real world.

It is aimed at:
Marketing teams, Marketing Director, Market research teams, Media Managers, brand managers and assistants and junior marketing roles. 

All sessions can be viewed live or on demand via the ISBA knowledge hub.

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