Digital Paid Media Playbook 2024

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This year’s Media Playbook focuses on how the digital marketing landscape has changed in recent months and key considerations to be made as we head into 2024. 

It talks to the key aspects that many advertisers may not be fully aware of or utilising in the modern digital marketing ecosystem. In particular, topics such as AI and Retail Media are truly at the forefront of the new digital age and are redefining how many businesses operate. 

This playbook, aims to support you to develop the critical abilities to work more effectively with your agency whether full service, in-housing or a blended operating model. From definitions, briefing, activation, governance and measurement this Playbook is packed with insight, knowledge and actions lists to help you help your agency deliver its best digital media management services.

We hope that, in the least, the guide supports you in ensuring that foundational best practice is adhered to, as this is fundamental to getting the most out of your media, regardless of the structure.

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Digital Paid Media Playbook 2024. Elements to ensure you get the most out of digital paid media