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We are a marketing growth consultancy with the breadth and depth of experience to advise senior marketers and the hands-on expertise to deliver. We enable marketing departments to be more effective, agile, and capable of realising higher growth. We are trusted, independent Advisors and Practitioners. This is our point of differentiation versus traditional consultancies, as we both mean what we advise and can deliver on that. We are marketers, data, technology, and media professionals who have worked in the roles and disciplines brands must improve in to grow. 

How are we different from Media Agencies? 

CvE's focus is on enabling marketers to run better marketing - as opposed to delivering better media. We focus on long-term capability rather than immediate media execution. This allows us to focus on assisting brands with their strategy, technology infrastructure, data usage, measurement, and marketing effectiveness. We exist to help brands grow capability, raise standards, solve problems, and ultimately deliver faster growth. If that means media hands on keyboards for a period of time to achieve that goal CvE provides the resources, but it is not how we gear our business.


We help marketers and CMOs understand what their biggest challenges and opportunities are and we take them on a journey to solving them and unlocking growth. We believe the biggest problems CMOs have, and are looking to solve, are grounded in FIVE key areas. As such these areas underpin what we do for our clients. 


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