Future Operating Models - February 2024

Automation and AI in the world of media


Advertising Spending is projected to reach 1 trillion dollars in 2023 and yet, despite the size of our industry, the way we manage campaigns on a day to day basis involves an awful amount of manual work involving spreadsheets and countless emails. Media digitalisation has been the major trend in the last 15 years and we have witnessed an incredible amount of innovation which has benefited everyone. However media fragmentation has translated into growing complexity and a difficulty to operate efficiently

Has the way we manage campaigns every day become untenable and, as a result, making our industry less attractive due to the amount of repetitive manual work our staff is subject to? Can automation and AI help us to streamline the process of buying and selling advertising? 

For our first Future Operating Models session of 2024, Mint.AI delved into the challenges we are seeing today and the impact this is having on brands and agencies. We will be looking if automation and AI can bring some relief and how.