Inclusive media planning

Inclusive media planning should not be an afterthought, it should be integral to every media plan and strategy reaching audiences. This is a great example from Nationwide and Wavemaker, an insightful presentation on an inclusive media approach.

Key Takeouts

  • Take responsibility – be a protagonist. Question your media approach and your agencies
  • Understand the profile of the country (YouGov 22)
  • Work with experts to understand your audience
  • Adapt your briefing template – give more audience insight and more prompts
  • Plan campaign by campaign – understand segments and audiences, and use where it is right, not just during key months
  • Decide who you want to support and add them to your plans
    • Outdoor – a diverse audience but owned by big contractors so look to reoptimize OOH buying package
    • Radio – less independently owned than print
    • Digital – the hardest to tackle as it’s difficult to target based on protected characteristics as publications can be blocked by outdated, complicated block lists
  • Understand you have to be more flexible as viewability and targeting is not as sophisticated on minority owned publications – have faith that it is the right thing to do. It’s a leap of fauth.

Wavemaker x Nationwide - Inclusion Network presentation

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