Delivering positive social and political impact

To lead our members in creating an advertising environment that delivers positive social and economic impact, ISBA will:

• Develop and champion a leadership position on the legal and ethical use of consumer data, putting choice and control in the hands of the consumer
• Play a leading role in advocating and shaping regulation of Online Harms
• Shape future self- and co-regulation of advertising to be sustainable and fit for purpose, through engagement with the ASA and ASBOF
• Lead in developing and effectively representing the advertiser position on sector-specific ad regulation issues, e.g. HFSS foods
• With the AA, better understand the drivers of public trust and champion improvement, through the promotion of advertiser best practice, through advocacy for better industry standards and through encouraging the prioritisation of user experience by platforms and publishers
• Support the Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising in advocating for a comprehensive review of the regulation of political advertising

Champion media, agency and digital supply chain relationships

To champion media, agency and digital supply chain relationships that deliver value for advertisers, ISBA will:

• Lead global efforts to accelerate delivery of accountable cross-media measurement of video and
digital formats, with stakeholder support
• Lead advertisers in the pursuit of transparency and efficiency in the digital supply chain to
engender trust
• Publish new media contract advice and drive wider industry adoption of ISBA’s contract
• Champion closer agency/client alignment based on sustainable commercial arrangements and
work with the IPA to develop and propagate best practice
• Advocate for a regulatory environment that fosters competition and addresses market failures
• Actively support the WFA Media Charter, particularly in relation to advertising and influencer
• Support the Global Alliance for Responsible Media in delivering improved measurement and
tools to keep communities and brands safe

Deliver thought leadership, learning, advice and guidance

To work with our community of members and with partners to deliver thought leadership, learning, advice and guidance, ISBA will:

• Drive wider active engagement with ISBA through membership growth and greater participation
in ISBA’s working groups and governance bodies
• Deliver an enhanced online knowledge base, working selectively with partners to create high
quality, relevant content