Accountability & Responsibility

Through both public and private advocacy we will:
  • Drive faster progress within a defined timeframe for accountable, cross-platform, cross-channel audience measurement of commercial video
  • Hold technology companies to account for improved standards of brand safety and ad fraud
  • Shape future co-regulation of advertising to be fit for purpose
  • Play a leading role in delivering industry accountability for digital content
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Agency Alignment

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To ensure transparency and competitiveness we will: 
  • Drive wider industry adoption of ISBA’s contract frameworks
  • Ensure contract advice remains current and addresses marketers’ needs 
  • Define and drive take-up of best practices in media agency/client relationships

Data Compliance and Equivalency

Through our advocacy and capability building we will: 
  • Ensure that implications of data protection authorities’ GDPR enforcement actions are understood by advertisers
  • Continue to exert influence on the finalised drafting of European ePrivacy regulation
  • Ensure that government and advertisers are fully cognisant and prepared for the impact of Brexit on the sector
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