Ebiquity launch Value Pots Guide on the back of ISBA’s Media Services Framework

ISBA and Partners Ebiquity have today launched a best practice guide to Value Pots which not only explains what they are but also provides clarity on how they are used by media agencies. Value Pots are an increasingly common dimension of agency media pricing, and their use and management is included within ISBA’s Media Services Framework 2021.

Andrew Lowdon, Director of Agency Services at ISBA said: “What is a Value Pot and how they work has been and continues to be asked by many advertisers.  I’m pleased to say this guide is the best explanation to that question I’ve seen, and provides an excellent context for use alongside our new Media Services Framework.”

Although value pots have featured in the ISBA contract framework for some time, there is still widespread confusion about their role. This is the first in a series of Guidance Notes that are due to be released designed to enhance the ISBA Media Services Framework, which was launched in July 2021. The framework provides detailed guidance and direction for the terms governing the relationship between an advertiser and its media agency in relation to the agency's provision of media strategy, planning and buying services.

Regarding the Value Pots guide, Michelle Morgado, Director of Client Solution, Ebiquity Plc said: “Ebiquity supported ISBA in the development of the previous version of the Media Services Framework and that thinking has been developed further in the MSF2021. With Value Pots being an increasingly common dimension of agency media pricing, we know from conversations with the client community, and that deep understanding was required so we were keen to create a short guidance paper, dissecting what Value Pots are and how they are used.  We hope that this guide will engender better understanding by the advertiser community.”