ISBA launches Generative AI Guidance and Agency Contract Terms

Generative AI

To help support innovation and assist advertisers in adopting Generative AI in a responsible manner, ISBA has launched new Generative AI Guidance and Agency Contract Terms.

Working with our legal partner, The Quarterback, ISBA has created Generative AI Contract Terms, which advertisers can consider using as a supplemental agreement to the ISBA Media Services Framework (MSF2021). The contract terms aim to encourage collaboration between advertisers and media agencies on the responsible use of Generative AI. 

Generative AI presents both exciting opportunities and potential significant risks for advertisers. It’s important to have transparency and control throughout your supply chain to ensure any use of Generative AI technology is authorised and carried out responsibly, with sufficient processes to mitigate risks.

The Contract Terms were launched at an online event this morning (Wednesday 10 April) and are available to view here

ISBA’s Media Services Framework (MSF 2021) is also available, here