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101 : AI - empowering your marketing toolkit

Pete Davis will be joined by Luke Blackburn - PepsiCo, John Readman - Ask Bosco, Oliver Fairhurst - Lewis Silkin and Jamie Matthews - Initials CX for what promises to be an enlightening and inspiring session on this fast moving subject. Whilst we’ll be covering best practice,  features, advantages and benefits of AI, we will also focus on the risks, mitigations and pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence. This 90 minute session includes:

1.    Key AI tools for Everyday Efficiency 

  • Presenting practical AI tools and techniques.
  • Demonstrations of how these tools can simplify day-to-day marketing tasks.

2.    Exploring Agency Utilisation of AI  

  • Discussing how agencies leverage AI for enhanced creativity and customer engagement.
  • Presenting past or mock projects demonstrating AI applications.

3.    Explore and discuss new AI applications impacting the future of marketing 

  • Explore new, practical tools that will allow clients to start implementing strategies in the short and medium term.
  • Highlighting the risks and pitfalls of AI usage in a fast moving environment
  • Q&A Session  

We hope this interactive session will empower participants with actionable insights to immediately leverage AI in their marketing efforts.

It is aimed at

Marketers at all levels who are interested in this topic.

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101: AI-empowering your marketing toolkit - presentation