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TikTok: Brand safety in practice using GARM

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) is an advertiser-led cross-industry effort to remove harmful content from ad-supported digital media and additionally standardise how advertiser controls can ensure advertising only runs across suitable media content. The ‘Integrating Garm Series’ has been created specifically and exclusively for ISBA members who want to get a deeper understanding of how each platform is integrating the standard into their processes. 

In this session:

TikTok will demonstrate how they categorise content within the platform, improving brand safety controls to advertisers, remove harmful content deemed not appropriate and speak to how the business thinks about investment in this area internally. 

What you will learn:  
•    How do the choices I make in GARM in terms of brand suitability translate to content that my ads appear before or next to in TikTok - i.e. how does TikTok translate a medium tolerance to sexual content but low tolerance to violent content in the platform? 
•    What things are TikTok working on to improve Brand safety controls to advertisers 
•    What things are TikTok doing to monitor and remove harmful content deemed not appropriate for advertising by the GARM framework 

Who is it aimed at? 
This session is aimed at members who have responsibility for channel selection, in-channel social planning, buying and reporting


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