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Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct

The Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct is a best practice for brands, agencies, and talent – delivering transparency for consumers, enabling authentic and effective influencer marketing, and promoting collaboration and better industry partnerships. First launched in September 2021, the Code was updated in May 2022, to provide a focus on helping brands to deliver better diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation in their influencer activity.

  • The Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct document can be found here.
  • The Code has been signed by major brands, talent agencies and influencers who give their backing. 
  • Template influencer contracts have also been developed in partnership with Lewis Silkin.

If you are interested in becoming a signatory to the Code of Conduct or would like more information on ISBA’s Influencer Marketing Working Group, please contact Rosina Busumbru at

Influencer Working Group

The Working Group is focused on two main tasks: continuing constructive dialogue with regulators; and the composition of the Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct for influencers, agencies, and brands.

This group is aimed at members from across disciplines with involvement in influencer marketing, from legal officers to social media managers and marketers who manage their brand’s influencer relationships

Further information

More information on ISBA’s work on influencer marketing including events, 101 seminars and press releases, can be found below.