Alchemists is a Marketing Advisory Partner for brands who need to maximise the value of their Marketing investments. We are experts in optimising agency and production ecosystems, commercials and relationships. We help our clients to optimise agency budgets, break down silos and ultimately grow brand equity.

We pride ourselves in operating in an environment free of any vested interests because we do not charge agencies any fees or memberships, which ensures objectivity. We are proudly independent and will always prioritise results for clients.

Marketing services are hard to buy and even harder to manage. With decades of experience, Alchemists mixes creativity and data to deliver ROI at the heart of the brand, consultancy and agency relations.

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Aperto One helps marketers build smarter partnerships with their agencies. We are proud to support clients in the following areas

  • Agency relationship reviews and management
  • Media agency pitches
  • Inhouse media: talent, systems and structures
  • Commercials and contracts
  • Learning and development
  • Digital & technology
  • Agency model development
  • Media auditing & benchmarking

Aperto One is a trusted adviser to the market's leading advertisers and is at the forefront in producing positive change in the industry.

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Aprais is an independent consultancy specialising in maximising team performance and individual competencies.

We view client companies and their communication agencies as equal partners.

Globally we have conducted over 22,000 evaluations of relationships between marketers and agencies.

This substantial database allows us to help companies of all sizes and geographies compare and improve their teams’ performance against robust benchmarks that reflect the different scopes of work.

We also support companies’ assessment of the competencies of their marketing and sales team members.  This enables more focussed skill development and the rapid identification of unicorn teams and potential leaders.

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Brightblue are a leading independent tech consultancy growing the performance of businesses through predictive modelling.

Our marketing measurement solutions typically deliver a 30% improvement in marketing profit ROI. Our work optimising half a billion of marketing spend drives between £1m - £20m improvement in profit for our clients, subject to investment levels.

We work with a diverse range of clients across multiple business sectors to deliver clear, actionable insight that leads to business change.

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Claire Randall Consulting (CRC) is one of the world’s leading global production management consultancies, operating in the advertising sector for over 24 years.

We advise clients on content production strategy, identifying cost savings and process improvement opportunities within existing agency and production structures, and recommending and implementing new operating models to better service a client’s business requirements.

We cover everything from video, print and digital content to Influencer strategy, Marketing Technology and Business Operations consultancy. Our consultants provide our clients with objective advice and solutions to drive efficiencies, optimise production budgets and deliver value for money, without compromising quality.

Headquartered in London, with consultants in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia - our emphasis on creativity and our reputation for integrity, objectivity, and collaboration is central to all that we do.

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Control v Exposed (CvE) is a new breed of independent marketing services company combining the best elements of a consultancy, media agency and technology firm. CvE is all about delivering truth, transparency and tangible business returns. Led by diverse talent covering strategy, data science, martech, consulting and activation, CvE operates as a consultant, a managed service or a co-pilot for brands' in-housing efforts. CvE launched in London and Singapore in 2019 and is part of the 90-year-old, family-owned Goodway Group.

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Ebiquity is a leading independent marketing and media consultancy providing a range of services which help brands navigate the complexities of the media and marketing ecosystem, ultimately enabling brands to deliver maximum impact from their marketing spend. Ebiquity works with clients in key areas including:

  • Media, to help clients achieve higher media performance through best in class media management and improved transparency.
  • Analytics, working with clients to build evidence-based marketing programmes rooted firmly in data and analytics.
  • Tech: helping clients design the right technology ecosystem to drive higher value from digital investments.

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Financial Progression specialises in contract compliance audits of marketing services agencies - in fact that’s all we do.

Our team of qualified and experienced finance professionals has conducted audits of creative, media and BTL agencies from Moscow to Johannesburg and Portland to Tokyo for local, regional and global brands. We have a reputation with clients and agencies for being extremely thorough, while at the same time delivering an audit experience that makes the client:agency relationship even stronger.

Marketing, Procurement and Finance Directors hire us to ensure that their agencies’ management of their marketing budget is clearly documented, financially transparent and contract compliant.

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Flock is The Marketing Transformation Company.

Flock inspires the transformation of the operational aspects of your marketing. We improve marketing effectiveness & efficiency by fixing marketing strategies, skills & structures, marketing processes, marketing technology and data stacks, and agency rosters.

We are "compulsive fixers" and have worked with and for the UK and World’s smartest marketers. Marketers engage Flock to provide an independent viewpoint when they are not sure how best to fix their marketing capabilities, or lack the internal resources to do it excellently and fast.

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Hay/stack is a consultancy specialising in enabling clients to access and work with the very best marketing resources available, to optimise performance for their brands and their business. We support our clients by identifying which agencies to work with, helping them set up the framework for effective and efficient engagement and monitoring performance and outcomes to ensure the best value for money is always delivered to the brief set, or the scope of work. is an open access, cloud-based portal designed and developed by us, based on over 15 years of experience, to facilitate companies commissioning advertising and marketing services, by matching and scoring the agencies on our database, against the companies’ specific needs. The portal provides access to practical support via a proprietary process known as P.I.T.C.H.

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ID Comms is a global management consultancy, specialising in media and advertising. As a trusted media partner to the world’s leading advertisers, ID Comms provides the Ideas, Knowledge & Network that give marketers the advantage to succeed in the digital age. 

Ever since it was established in 2009, ID Comms has been a vocal champion of greater media knowledge within companies to ensure they are best positioned to take advantage of its power to drive business growth. The company was named as the most used independent media consultant in areas of agency management and media consultancy by members of the World Federation of Advertisers and has partnered with some of the world’s most ambitious advertisers including Mars Inc., Deutsche Telekom, EA, Centrica and LVMH to support them on their media transformation journey, as well as in the areas of media capability assessment, media agency reviews, agency relationship management, agency performance evaluations and media auditing. 

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Infectious Media is a digital media specialist that unburdens marketers from the complexity of digital advertising, giving them the control and transparency needed to create better advertising experiences for customers. It does this by building a team around what clients need, with models ranging from being a full digital media agency to providing in-house consulting on specialist projects.


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Ingenuity helps you find incredible agency partners.

We know the modern agency landscape better than anyone. This enables us to help you discover the most exciting and relevant agencies for your requirements. Our objective is simple. Find you an agency that will help you elevate your brand above the competition. 14 years old, we now have 40+ people, all of whom are obsessed with the agency landscape! Our knowledge covers Creative (ATL & Digital Content), Social, PR, Digital Performance, Experiential and Marketing Tech. Our model is simple. We do not charge brands for our services. We do not ask agencies to be part of a selection ‘club’.

Agencies simply pay us a finder’s fee if they work with you – that’s it. This model means one thing. We find agencies that are absolutely right for your needs.

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LEAD helps brands identify where they can cut costs while improving the performance of their digital marketing. We specialise in:

  • In-housing & Commercials
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Data mapping & Utilisation
  • Governance & Processes
  • Training & Upskilling

Our mission is to empower clients to take ownership of their marketing with complete transparency across their media, technology and data. We’ve helped some of the world’s leading brands including HSBC, Sony and Holland & Barrett save $millions by deploying more effective marketing models that have improved performance by as much as 50%. 

LEAD is uniquely independent. We have no network alliances or re-seller agreements, meaning our advice is completely impartial and transparent.

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MediaSense are global media advisors. We build high performance media operating models and unlock value for the world’s leading brands. Our services include: Operating Models: Transforming internal and external media operating models to unlock value and productivity; Pitch Management: Managing end-to-end pitch processes and Media Auditing: Improving performance and accountability in media planning and buying.

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The Observatory International is the leading global management consultancy dedicated to helping companies transform their Marketing and Communications resources. Across our eleven offices, we do this by designing and implementing the right structure, Agency partner roster, ways of working and capabilities to deliver strategy and response to the digital economy. And once there, we help businesses stay there, through motivational Agency compensation and performance measurement programmes.

Our 10-year track record of working with many of the world’s leading brands, our proven and robust methodologies and our worldwide reach means we have the knowledge, experience and capability to help more businesses, more quickly across more markets and sectors. We are motivated and driven by helping Marketing and Procurement professionals fulfil their potential and business objectives.

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PwC’s integrated media insight services support advertisers, agencies and media owners. The team includes marketeers, researchers, statisticians, lawyers, auditors, ad-tech specialists and ex-agency leaders. PwC a neutral independent party committed to delivering trust and transparency across the advertising ecosystem.

At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. It is this focus which informs the services we provide and the decisions we make. Demonstrating genuine leadership is more important to us than size or short term revenue growth. To achieve our aim to be recognised as the ‘the leading professional services firm’ we must be innovative, responsible and attract outstanding people.

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